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At Progressive Women’s Care, we provide excellent medical care that is comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting edge for women of all phases, in a collaborative, patient-centered setting.

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What Should I Expect During a WWE?

There are many reasons a pregnancy can be considered high risk, both maternal and fetal. Maternal indications are frequently related to age or health complications. There is increased risk after the age of 35 in general, however, we take care of numerous women into their 40s that have no complications. For women over 35, the most common fetal risk is chromosomal abnormalities. This can be tested after 10 weeks. Both pre-existing and health problems that develop during pregnancy can affect both maternal and fetal health. Most commonly, this includes gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Both these conditions are manageable with successful outcomes.

Why do I need a pap smear?

Pap smears are performed primarily for the early detection of cervical cancer. It is always the best outcome when we can diagnose something early. Prevention is key. Similarly to abnormal spots on your skin, if we find abnormal cells on your cervix, we would fully evaluate and discuss treatment recommendations. At 40 years of age, we recommend starting mammograms. This can start earlier depending on family history concerns or if there are any palpable abnormalities.

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Abnormal Pap Smear

During your annual exam, a pap smear is performed.

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Hormonal Imbalance

There’s a long list of causes for hormonal imbalance and this can be narrowed by phase of life.
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There are numerous birth control options, both short-acting and longer-lasting.

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Dr. Bertles is licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Amanda Smith, PA-C, spent the first 15 years of her career in primary care and is excited to join Progressive Women's Care and Dr. Bertles as she brings her primary care knowledge to women's health.

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