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Vaginal and Sexual Rejuvenation

Conveniently located to serve Katy, Cypress, Houston, and Fulshear, TX

At Progressive Women’s Care, we provide excellent medical care that is comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting edge for women of all phases, in a collaborative, patient-centered setting.

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Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment options

Many women suffer with symptoms that have become accepted as a normal part of life without options for improvement. These symptoms include vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse or other physical activities, vaginal laxity or wrinkling, urinary incontinence, excess labial tissue, sexual dysfunction, and decreased sensation. These symptoms can contribute to a lack of self-confidence as well. These symptoms can occur in many phases of life and can change throughout. Women can have symptoms prior to childbearing, after childbearing and during times of hormonal change like perimenopause and menopause. We are fortunate now to have non-hormonal, non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment options, most of which can be performed right in our office without pain. In many patients, a combination of treatments offer the best results. After a complete history and physical exam, we will cater the treatment plan to you individually.

Related Services

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The O-shot is an office procedure that can produce dramatic results after one session.

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V-Tone is a new FDA-cleared device that provides intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).
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Forma V

Forma V is a technology to improve vaginal and vulvar symptoms of pain, discomfort, laxity and dryness.
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Morpheus V

Morpheus V uses radiofrequency technology to cause tissue remodeling.
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Aviva Scarless Labiaplasty and Surgical Labiaplasty

Some women have excess labia minora tissue and asymmetry that can cause pain.
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Surgical Vaginal Tightening

For women with significant vaginal laxity or extensive scarring and sensitivity from childbearing, a surgical procedure may be advantageous.

Meet The Team

Dr. Bertles is licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Amanda Smith, PA-C, spent the first 15 years of her career in primary care and is excited to join Progressive Women's Care and Dr. Bertles as she brings her primary care knowledge to women's health.

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